Bubba's BBQ Rub
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Pork Rub

Award Winning Bubba's Bar-B-Q Rub ™

This vibrant blend of spices gives meat a sensational flavor and finish with a dash of sweet to perk up the taste buds!

Use generously on all cuts of Pork (Ribs, Roasts, Butts, Chops, Loins and Ham).

Also excellent on Beef Ribs, Poultry, Seafood and Wild Game, including Venison, Duck, Quail and Pheasant.

Use to make everything -- Barbequed, Baked, Boiled, Broiled, Roasted or Tossed taste Extraordinary.

You name it, Bubba's Makes It Better!

The pork seasoning is in a 10.9 oz. bottle.

Reinke Enterprises